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  • Value Statement

    • High quality and pure natural products for our customer is the highest goal at Sanmark. Our commitment to excellence in the manufacture of all our oils has contributed to our success as a company and brought us a very loyal customer base. We pledge to continue to provide the healthy, natural and pure quality oils at a reasonable price to all our customers. Our name is our promise of quality and signifies our commitment to customers that they have just purchased the finest oil product available. No other oil manufacturer can surpass Sanmark quality initiatives.

  • Organization and Capability (QC & QA)

    • Sanmark has on site analytical and microbiological labs to quickly and accurately monitor raw material quality, in process manufacturing, finished product quality and to evaluate long term product stability

  • Supply Chain and Traceability (agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, customer service, and technical support)

    • Sanmark quality extends from our raw material suppliers to our finished product warehouses and to our service after the sale. We evaluate and audit all our suppliers to ensure consistency and safety in product quality. This extends throughout our GMP certified facility to the final delivery of product to the customer.

  • Certification​

  • PureMega® - No Compromise in Quality
  • PureMega® is the symbol of excellence for bulk nutritional oils produced by Sanmark. The PureMega® mark of quality signifies our commitment to customers that they have just purchased the finest natural oil product available. Now, in addition to PureMega®, Sanmark is proud to display our NSF cGMP quality manufacturing certification.
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